Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions to Insurance Agents

When it comes to buying insurance, there are probably a lot of questions you have as a consumer. So what are the top questions you should ask your insurance agent? We have broken it down into the top 5 common questions an insurance agent gets asked the most.

1. Does my home insurance cover the vehicle in my garage?

NO, never.  A home insurance contract has an exclusion for all motor vehicles, except the ones used to take care of your property, such as a riding lawn mower.

2. Do I have coverage for a rental car?

The broadest coverage you carry on any ONE vehicle does transfer to a rental car.  There are two items, however, that are NOT covered; Replacement Cost Coverage and Loss of Use Coverage.  You may want to inquire with your Account Manager if this coverage is available for purchase under your auto policy OR it could possibly be purchased directly from the rental car company.

3. Do I have coverage if I lose a jewelry item?

It is rare for an insurance company to include Mysterious Disappearance coverage, so be sure to ask your Account Manager.  The majority of insurance companies require you to purchase a rider on your policy for scheduled jewelry, which provides coverage for Mysterious Disappearance.

4. If I purchase a vehicle at night or on the weekend, am I covered? 

An auto insurance contract usually includes a provision for “replacement” vehicles or “additional” vehicles.  The same coverage you currently carry would apply to the replacement or additional vehicle for a short period of time (2-4 days).  BUT BEWARE – if you do NOT have physical damage coverage on your current vehicle, you may need to speak with us prior to picking up the car. 

5. Do I have coverage for Flood?

Flood insurance is its own specific policy and contract.  Flood insurance can NOT be purchased under a home insurance policy. 

If you have more insurance related questions, or would like us to elaborate more on the top 5 questions and answers addressed above, please don’t hesitate to contact our Aitken & Ormond Insurance offices.

The above description provides a brief overview of the terms and phrases used within the insurance industry. These definitions are not applicable in all states or for all insurance and financial products. This is not an insurance contract. Other terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please read your official policy for full details about coverages. These definitions do not alter or modify the terms of any insurance contract. If there is any conflict between these definitions and the provisions of the applicable insurance policy, the terms of the policy control.

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