Back-to-School Insurance Tips

As summer winds down and you think about your back-to-school to-do list, think about looking at more than school supplies this summer. You may want to think about these insurance considerations this fall.

Back to School Tips

If Your Kid is Going to College…

Consider renters insurance

If your son or daughter is planning to live on campus or rent an apartment in college, they’ll likely need renters insurance. Even if the apartment complex is “approved” by the school or has a university landlord, your child needs to be insured with a distinct renter’s policy. Most landlords’ or university insurance will only cover the structure of the building. That means anything within the walls of the apartment, including appliances and personal possessions, should be covered with appropriate renters’ insurance.

Contents coverage is important to consider. Before your student packs up the car and heads off to school, you may want to review all the belongings they’re bringing with them with your insurance agent. Most homeowners’ insurance policies put a special limit on items away from the primary residence which may not be enough to cover what your child is bringing to school.

You’ll also want to decide whether making a claim on your homeowners is worth it for your family, since claims can raise your homeowners’ insurance rates. A renter’s insurance policy is a generally low cost alternative to using your homeowners for a child at school.

College insurance tips:

  • Safeguard your items from theft. Lock your dorm room or apartment. Don’t leave belongings unattended. Even the safest campuses have theft, so it doesn’t hurt to take precautions.
  • Leave valuables at home unless you need them. Expensive jewelry and electronics may be safer at the parents’ house.
  • Consider purchasing umbrella insurance for additional liability. If your college kid accidentally causes an accident, they could be responsible for personal injury or property damage worth thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. An umbrella policy is an inexpensive way to mitigate these risks and protect your family’s assets.


If Your Teen is Starting to Drive…

Every high schooler dreams of rolling up behind the wheel of a cool car to pick up their friends. But a teen’s dream is often a parent’s nightmare. There’s a lot to worry about when you have a new driver on the road. Insurance is there to help.


What do you need to know about a new or teen driver?

Add all drivers to your auto policy. If your teen will be driving your car, even occasionally, you’ll need to add them as a named driver on your insurance policy.

Rates for young, new, and inexperienced drivers are always higher. If you’re adding them to your policy or purchasing their own insurance, the premiums will be higher than you’ve seen in the past. You can offset these costs with certain auto discounts.

The best way to save on auto insurance—and to keep your child safe—is by having your teen take a safety driving program. A driving course can ensure your teen learns how to drive defensively, avoid distractions, and stay safe on the road. Some insurers offer discounts if you take a defensive driving course also.

Inquire about a good student discount if your teen gets good grades in school.


Get ready for Back to School Roads…

More risks pop up as school starts. Traffic increases, and school zones and bus stops are more hazardous.

As kids are preparing to start another school year, you have to prep to go into a new season with its own unique challenges. Contact your Aitken & Ormond Insurance Agent to make sure your family, home, assets, and lifestyle are fully protected with all the insurance you need.

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