Our Team

Personal Lines

Personal Lines Operations Manager: Pat Lisi, New Baltimore, plisi@aitken-ormond.com
Karen Jones, Grosse Pointe, kjones@aitken-ormond.com
Monica Hajek, Grosse Pointe, mhajek@aitken-ormond.com
Pam Marchlewski, St. Clair, pmarchlewski@aitken-ormond.com
Stephanie Chaplinsky, St. Clair, schaplinsky@aitken-ormond.com
Jennifer Nasto, New Baltimore, jnasto@aitken-ormond.com

Commercial Lines

Cindy Ridky, New Baltimore, cridky@aitken-ormond.com
Kathy Geatches, New Baltimore, kgeatches@aitken-ormond.com
Joanne Roulo, Grosse Pointe, jroulo@aitken-ormond.com


Dan Aitken, President, daitken@aitken-ormond.com
John Konechne, Grosse Pointe, jkonechne@aosn.biz
Julianne Boulier, New Baltimore, jboulier@aitken-ormond.com
Peggy Buchman, New Baltimore, pbuchman@aitken-ormond.com
Kelly Aitken-Gwinnell, Vice President, kgwinnell@aitken-ormond.com
Carrie Langmesser, St. Clair/New Baltimore, clangmesser@aitken-ormond.com
Renee Mason-Sherry, Grosse Pointe, rmason@aitken-ormond.com

Administrative Assistant

Denise Tinnette, New Baltimore, dtinnette@aitken-ormond.com

Sheryl Fontana, Grosse Pointe, sfontana@aitken-ormond.com

Vice President of Operations

Katelyn Aitken Meyer, Vice President, kaitken@aitken-ormond.com

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